Cretan Destination Retreats

Relaxing, fun and focused Mediterranean retreats for families, friends, theme-based groups and strategic teams

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    Wanting participants to strengthen historic relationships anmd create new friendships? We can host celebrations from weddings to reunions, and customize any event with an itinerary that deepens the bonds and the natural joys and memories such occasions offer.

    Culinary Explorations

    Local cooking, fantastic tavernas with menus offering sea-to-table & farm-to-table fare, and opportunities to work with local chefs will provide a heavenly learning experience to any foodie, and a growth opportunity for any food professional looking to spread his/her apron-wings and explore new tastes.

    Fitness Vacations

    Ready to shake off the lethargy and boredom born from too many months of screen-time? We can set you on a course of hard training, or plan easy hikes, swims and rides that either raise your fitness to a professional level or simply return you to - if not your youth itself - then a more youthful and invigorated "you"! And whether your chosen regimen involves cycling, hiking, running, or yoga, we can fashion an itinerary that will mix chosen activities with the great food, good friendships and island lifestyle where playing hard in the sun and sleeping well under the stars go hand in hand.

    Natural History Experiences

    Crete, a tectonic plate so active over the past 1.000 years that it appears to be an invitation from God to study natural history, offers a host of natural history sites easy to visit and explore. Recent gorges whose splits allow you to walk through a path 190meters into the earth's crust; flora and fauna whose adaptation to the various elevations and harsh environments inspire worder; and landscapes that have challenged human culture and driven the individual and community ingenuity at the heart of democratic history. We can create a fun itinerary of wonder for a variety of ages to walk through and experience these vibrant lanscapes.

    Historical Tours

    Our locations in Crete are within a sling or gunshot of a host of pivot points in Wstern Civilization's history, from ancient Minoan Culture up through critical battles and campaigns that turned the tide of fascism during WW2. History buffs of any epoch will find the experience of visiting sites and matching the footsteps of heroes a rich, once in a lifetime experience.

    Youth Programming

    Team building, skill enhancement, and educational journeys that organize chaperoned youth trips around one or several themes. We have expertise and creativity to work with schools, non-profits, and facilitators to plan a program that meets those goals, and removes from the facilitators the heavy burdens of organization and execution.

    Customized Itineraries

    Never mind what we do well; What are your passions? Are you looking for a way and a place to share those passions with others? We can work with facilitators to create custom programming that will serve and share those passions with up to 20 participants, creating experiences that make learning feel like a holiday, and allow your participants to take home not ony photographs, but the relationships at the heart of all our best learning experiences.